Uses of Interface

Packages that use PersistEventListener
org.hibernate.event.internal This package defines a default set of event listeners that implements the default behaviors of Hibernate. 
org.hibernate.test.jpa Tests for any JPA-specific behavior for which we need to ensure compliance. 

Uses of PersistEventListener in org.hibernate.ejb.event

Classes in org.hibernate.ejb.event that implement PersistEventListener
 class EJB3PersistEventListener
          Overrides the LifeCycle OnSave call to call the PrePersist operation
 class EJB3PersistOnFlushEventListener

Uses of PersistEventListener in org.hibernate.event.internal

Classes in org.hibernate.event.internal that implement PersistEventListener
 class DefaultPersistEventListener
          Defines the default create event listener used by hibernate for creating transient entities in response to generated create events.
 class DefaultPersistOnFlushEventListener
          When persist is used as the cascade action, persistOnFlush should be used

Uses of PersistEventListener in org.hibernate.event.spi

Fields in org.hibernate.event.spi with type parameters of type PersistEventListener
static EventType<PersistEventListener> EventType.PERSIST
static EventType<PersistEventListener> EventType.PERSIST_ONFLUSH

Uses of PersistEventListener in org.hibernate.test.jpa

Classes in org.hibernate.test.jpa that implement PersistEventListener
static class AbstractJPATest.JPAPersistEventListener
static class AbstractJPATest.JPAPersistOnFlushEventListener

Methods in org.hibernate.test.jpa that return PersistEventListener
protected  PersistEventListener[] AbstractJPATest.buildPersisOnFlushEventListeners()
protected  PersistEventListener[] AbstractJPATest.buildPersistEventListeners()

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