Interface SQLExceptionConverter

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CacheSQLStateConverter, SQLStateConverter, StandardSQLExceptionConverter

public interface SQLExceptionConverter
extends Serializable

Defines a contract for implementations that know how to convert a SQLException into Hibernate's JDBCException hierarchy. Inspired by Spring's SQLExceptionTranslator.

Implementations must have a constructor which takes a ViolatedConstraintNameExtracter parameter.

Implementations may implement Configurable if they need to perform configuration steps prior to first use.

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Method Summary
 JDBCException convert(SQLException sqlException, String message, String sql)
          Convert the given SQLException into the Hibernate JDBCException hierarchy.

Method Detail


JDBCException convert(SQLException sqlException,
                      String message,
                      String sql)
Convert the given SQLException into the Hibernate JDBCException hierarchy.

sqlException - The SQLException to be converted.
message - An optional error message.
The resulting JDBCException.
See Also:
, JDBCConnectionException, SQLGrammarException, LockAcquisitionException

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