Class SqlFragment

  extended by antlr.BaseAST
      extended by antlr.CommonAST
          extended by org.hibernate.hql.internal.ast.tree.Node
              extended by org.hibernate.hql.internal.ast.tree.SqlFragment
All Implemented Interfaces:
antlr.collections.AST, Serializable, ParameterContainer

public class SqlFragment
extends Node
implements ParameterContainer

Represents an SQL fragment in the AST.

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class antlr.BaseAST
down, right
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void addEmbeddedParameter(ParameterSpecification specification)
          Adds a parameter specification for a parameter encountered within this node.
 ParameterSpecification[] getEmbeddedParameters()
          Retrieve all embedded parameter specifications.
 FromElement getFromElement()
 boolean hasEmbeddedParameters()
          Determine whether this node contains embedded parameters.
 boolean hasFilterCondition()
 void setFromElement(FromElement fromElement)
 void setJoinFragment(JoinFragment joinFragment)
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Constructor Detail


public SqlFragment()
Method Detail


public void setJoinFragment(JoinFragment joinFragment)


public boolean hasFilterCondition()


public void setFromElement(FromElement fromElement)


public FromElement getFromElement()


public void addEmbeddedParameter(ParameterSpecification specification)
Description copied from interface: ParameterContainer
Adds a parameter specification for a parameter encountered within this node. We use the term 'embedded' here because of the fact that the parameter was simply encountered as part of the node's text; it does not exist as part of a subtree as it might in a true AST.

Specified by:
addEmbeddedParameter in interface ParameterContainer
specification - The generated specification.


public boolean hasEmbeddedParameters()
Description copied from interface: ParameterContainer
Determine whether this node contains embedded parameters. The implication is that ParameterContainer.getEmbeddedParameters() is allowed to return null if this method returns false.

Specified by:
hasEmbeddedParameters in interface ParameterContainer
True if this node contains embedded parameters; false otherwise.


public ParameterSpecification[] getEmbeddedParameters()
Description copied from interface: ParameterContainer
Retrieve all embedded parameter specifications.

Specified by:
getEmbeddedParameters in interface ParameterContainer
All embedded parameter specifications; may return null.
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