Class IdentityGenerator

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All Implemented Interfaces:
BulkInsertionCapableIdentifierGenerator, IdentifierGenerator, PostInsertIdentifierGenerator
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public class IdentityGenerator
extends AbstractPostInsertGenerator

A generator for use with ANSI-SQL IDENTITY columns used as the primary key. The IdentityGenerator for autoincrement/identity key generation.

Indicates to the Session that identity (ie. identity/autoincrement column) key generation should be used.

Nested Class Summary
static class IdentityGenerator.BasicDelegate
          Delegate for dealing with IDENTITY columns where the dialect requires an additional command execution to retrieve the generated IDENTITY value
static class IdentityGenerator.GetGeneratedKeysDelegate
          Delegate for dealing with IDENTITY columns using JDBC3 getGeneratedKeys
static class IdentityGenerator.InsertSelectDelegate
          Delegate for dealing with IDENTITY columns where the dialect supports returning the generated IDENTITY value directly from the insert statement.
Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 InsertGeneratedIdentifierDelegate getInsertGeneratedIdentifierDelegate(PostInsertIdentityPersister persister, Dialect dialect, boolean isGetGeneratedKeysEnabled)
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determineBulkInsertionIdentifierGenerationSelectFragment, generate, supportsBulkInsertionIdentifierGeneration
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Constructor Detail


public IdentityGenerator()
Method Detail


public InsertGeneratedIdentifierDelegate getInsertGeneratedIdentifierDelegate(PostInsertIdentityPersister persister,
                                                                              Dialect dialect,
                                                                              boolean isGetGeneratedKeysEnabled)
                                                                       throws HibernateException

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