Class UUIDHexGenerator

  extended by
      extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
Configurable, IdentifierGenerator

public class UUIDHexGenerator
extends AbstractUUIDGenerator
implements Configurable


A UUIDGenerator that returns a string of length 32, This string will consist of only hex digits. Optionally, the string may be generated with separators between each component of the UUID. Mapping parameters supported: separator.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void configure(Type type, Properties params, Dialect d)
          Configure this instance, given the value of parameters specified by the user as <param> elements.
protected  String format(int intValue)
protected  String format(short shortValue)
 Serializable generate(SessionImplementor session, Object obj)
          Generate a new identifier.
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Constructor Detail


public UUIDHexGenerator()
Method Detail


public void configure(Type type,
                      Properties params,
                      Dialect d)
Configure this instance, given the value of parameters specified by the user as <param> elements. This method is called just once, following instantiation.

Specified by:
configure in interface Configurable
params - param values, keyed by parameter name


public Serializable generate(SessionImplementor session,
                             Object obj)
Generate a new identifier.

Specified by:
generate in interface IdentifierGenerator
obj - the entity or toplevel collection for which the id is being generated
a new identifier


protected String format(int intValue)


protected String format(short shortValue)

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