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static class OptimizerFactory.HiLoOptimizer
          Optimizer which applies a 'hilo' algorithm in memory to achieve optimization.
static class OptimizerFactory.LegacyHiLoAlgorithmOptimizer
static class OptimizerFactory.NoopOptimizer
          An optimizer that performs no optimization.
static class OptimizerFactory.OptimizerSupport
          Common support for optimizer implementations.
static class OptimizerFactory.PooledLoOptimizer
static class OptimizerFactory.PooledOptimizer
          Optimizer which uses a pool of values, storing the next low value of the range in the database.

Methods in that return Optimizer
static Optimizer OptimizerFactory.buildOptimizer(String type, Class returnClass, int incrementSize)
          Deprecated. Use OptimizerFactory.buildOptimizer(String, Class, int, long) instead
static Optimizer OptimizerFactory.buildOptimizer(String type, Class returnClass, int incrementSize, long explicitInitialValue)
          Builds an optimizer
 Optimizer TableGenerator.getOptimizer()
          The optimizer being used by this generator.
 Optimizer SequenceStyleGenerator.getOptimizer()
          Getter for property 'optimizer'.

Methods in that return types with arguments of type Optimizer
 Class<? extends Optimizer> OptimizerFactory.StandardOptimizerDescriptor.getOptimizerClass()

Methods in with parameters of type Optimizer
 void SequenceStructure.prepare(Optimizer optimizer)
 void DatabaseStructure.prepare(Optimizer optimizer)
          Prepare this structure for use.
 void TableStructure.prepare(Optimizer optimizer)

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