Package org.hibernate.internal.jaxb.mapping.hbm

Interface Summary
PluralAttributeElement Commonality between the various forms of plural attribute (collection) mappings: <bag/>, <set/>, etc.

Class Summary
IdBagPluralAttributeElementAdapter Adaptive implementation of the PluralAttributeElement for <idbag/> mappings which do not support all the configuration available on other collection mappings.
JaxbAnyElement Java class for any-element complex type.
JaxbArrayElement Java class for array-element complex type.
JaxbBagElement Java class for bag-element complex type.
JaxbCacheElement Java class for cache-element complex type.
JaxbColumnElement Java class for column-element complex type.
JaxbComponentElement Java class for component-element complex type.
JaxbCompositeElementElement Java class for composite-element-element complex type.
JaxbDynamicComponentElement Java class for dynamic-component-element complex type.
JaxbElementElement Java class for element-element complex type.
JaxbFetchProfileElement Java class for fetch-profile-element complex type.
JaxbFetchProfileElement.JaxbFetch Java class for anonymous complex type.
JaxbFilterElement Java class for filter-element complex type.
JaxbGeneratorElement Java class for generator-element complex type.
JaxbHibernateMapping Java class for anonymous complex type.
JaxbHibernateMapping.JaxbClass Java class for anonymous complex type.
JaxbHibernateMapping.JaxbClass.JaxbCompositeId Java class for anonymous complex type.
JaxbHibernateMapping.JaxbClass.JaxbDiscriminator Java class for anonymous complex type.
JaxbHibernateMapping.JaxbClass.JaxbId Java class for anonymous complex type.
JaxbHibernateMapping.JaxbClass.JaxbNaturalId Java class for anonymous complex type.
JaxbHibernateMapping.JaxbClass.JaxbTimestamp Java class for anonymous complex type.
JaxbHibernateMapping.JaxbClass.JaxbVersion Java class for anonymous complex type.
JaxbHibernateMapping.JaxbDatabaseObject Java class for anonymous complex type.
JaxbHibernateMapping.JaxbDatabaseObject.JaxbDefinition Java class for anonymous complex type.
JaxbHibernateMapping.JaxbDatabaseObject.JaxbDialectScope Java class for anonymous complex type.
JaxbHibernateMapping.JaxbFilterDef Java class for anonymous complex type.
JaxbHibernateMapping.JaxbFilterDef.JaxbFilterParam Java class for anonymous complex type.
JaxbHibernateMapping.JaxbIdentifierGenerator Java class for anonymous complex type.
JaxbHibernateMapping.JaxbImport Java class for anonymous complex type.
JaxbHibernateMapping.JaxbTypedef Java class for anonymous complex type.
JaxbIdbagElement Java class for idbag-element complex type.
JaxbIdbagElement.JaxbCollectionId Java class for anonymous complex type.
JaxbIndexElement Java class for index-element complex type.
JaxbJoinedSubclassElement Java class for joined-subclass-element complex type.
JaxbJoinElement Java class for join-element complex type.
JaxbKeyElement Java class for key-element complex type.
JaxbKeyManyToOneElement Java class for key-many-to-one-element complex type.
JaxbKeyPropertyElement Java class for key-property-element complex type.
JaxbListElement Java class for list-element complex type.
JaxbListIndexElement Java class for list-index-element complex type.
JaxbLoadCollectionElement Java class for load-collection-element complex type.
JaxbLoaderElement Java class for loader-element complex type.
JaxbManyToAnyElement Java class for many-to-any-element complex type.
JaxbManyToManyElement Java class for many-to-many-element complex type.
JaxbManyToOneElement Java class for many-to-one-element complex type.
JaxbMapElement Java class for map-element complex type.
JaxbMapElement.JaxbCompositeIndex Java class for anonymous complex type.
JaxbMapElement.JaxbCompositeMapKey Java class for anonymous complex type.
JaxbMapElement.JaxbIndexManyToAny Java class for anonymous complex type.
JaxbMapElement.JaxbIndexManyToMany Java class for anonymous complex type.
JaxbMapElement.JaxbMapKey Java class for anonymous complex type.
JaxbMapElement.JaxbMapKeyManyToMany Java class for anonymous complex type.
JaxbMetaElement Java class for meta-element complex type.
JaxbMetaValueElement Java class for meta-value-element complex type.
JaxbNestedCompositeElementElement Java class for nested-composite-element-element complex type.
JaxbOneToManyElement Java class for one-to-many-element complex type.
JaxbOneToOneElement Java class for one-to-one-element complex type.
JaxbParamElement Java class for param-element complex type.
JaxbParentElement Java class for parent-element complex type.
JaxbPrimitiveArrayElement Java class for primitive-array-element complex type.
JaxbPropertiesElement Java class for properties-element complex type.
JaxbPropertyElement Java class for property-element complex type.
JaxbQueryElement Java class for query-element complex type.
JaxbQueryParamElement Java class for query-param-element complex type.
JaxbResultsetElement Java class for resultset-element complex type.
JaxbReturnElement Java class for return-element complex type.
JaxbReturnElement.JaxbReturnDiscriminator Java class for anonymous complex type.
JaxbReturnJoinElement Java class for return-join-element complex type.
JaxbReturnPropertyElement Java class for return-property-element complex type.
JaxbReturnPropertyElement.JaxbReturnColumn Java class for anonymous complex type.
JaxbReturnScalarElement Java class for return-scalar-element complex type.
JaxbSetElement Java class for set-element complex type.
JaxbSqlDeleteAllElement Java class for sql-delete-all-element complex type.
JaxbSqlDeleteElement Java class for sql-delete-element complex type.
JaxbSqlInsertElement Java class for sql-insert-element complex type.
JaxbSqlQueryElement Java class for sql-query-element complex type.
JaxbSqlUpdateElement Java class for sql-update-element complex type.
JaxbSubclassElement Java class for subclass-element complex type.
JaxbSynchronizeElement Java class for synchronize-element complex type.
JaxbTuplizerElement Java class for tuplizer-element complex type.
JaxbTypeElement Java class for type-element complex type.
JaxbUnionSubclassElement Java class for union-subclass-element complex type.
ObjectFactory This object contains factory methods for each Java content interface and Java element interface generated in the org.hibernate.internal.jaxb.mapping.hbm package.

Enum Summary
JaxbCacheModeAttribute Java class for cache-mode-attribute.
JaxbCheckAttribute Java class for check-attribute.
JaxbFetchAttribute Java class for fetch-attribute.
JaxbFetchAttributeWithSubselect Java class for fetch-attribute-with-subselect.
JaxbFlushModeAttribute Java class for flush-mode-attribute.
JaxbGeneratedAttribute Java class for generated-attribute.
JaxbLazyAttribute Java class for lazy-attribute.
JaxbLazyAttributeWithExtra Java class for lazy-attribute-with-extra.
JaxbLazyAttributeWithNoProxy Java class for lazy-attribute-with-no-proxy.
JaxbLockModeAttribute Java class for lock-mode-attribute.
JaxbNotFoundAttribute Java class for not-found-attribute.
JaxbOuterJoinAttribute Java class for outer-join-attribute.

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