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Packages that use OuterJoinLoader
org.hibernate.loader.collection This package defines collection initializers 
org.hibernate.loader.criteria This package defines the criteria query compiler and loader 
org.hibernate.loader.entity This package defines entity loaders 

Uses of OuterJoinLoader in org.hibernate.loader.collection

Subclasses of OuterJoinLoader in org.hibernate.loader.collection
 class BasicCollectionLoader
          Loads a collection of values or a many-to-many association.
 class CollectionLoader
          Superclass for loaders that initialize collections
 class OneToManyLoader
          Loads one-to-many associations

The collection persister must implement QueryableCOllection.
 class SubselectCollectionLoader
          Implements subselect fetching for a collection
 class SubselectOneToManyLoader
          Implements subselect fetching for a one to many association

Uses of OuterJoinLoader in org.hibernate.loader.criteria

Subclasses of OuterJoinLoader in org.hibernate.loader.criteria
 class CriteriaLoader
          A Loader for Criteria queries.

Uses of OuterJoinLoader in org.hibernate.loader.entity

Subclasses of OuterJoinLoader in org.hibernate.loader.entity
 class AbstractEntityLoader
 class CascadeEntityLoader
 class CollectionElementLoader
 class EntityLoader
          Loads an entity instance using outerjoin fetching to fetch associated entities.

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