Uses of Interface

Packages that use MetaAttributable
org.hibernate.mapping This package defines the Hibernate configuration-time metamodel. 

Uses of MetaAttributable in org.hibernate.mapping

Classes in org.hibernate.mapping that implement MetaAttributable
 class Backref
 class Component
          The mapping for a component, composite element, composite identifier, etc.
 class IndexBackref
 class JoinedSubclass
          A subclass in a table-per-subclass mapping
 class PersistentClass
          Mapping for an entity.
 class Property
          Represents a property as part of an entity or a component.
 class RootClass
          The root class of an inheritance hierarchy
 class SingleTableSubclass
 class Subclass
          A sublass in a table-per-class-hierarchy mapping
 class SyntheticProperty
          Models a property which does not actually exist in the model.
 class UnionSubclass
          A subclass in a table-per-concrete-class mapping

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