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Packages that use SimpleValue
org.hibernate.cfg This package defines APIs for configuring Hibernate, and classes for building the Hibernate configuration-time metamodel. 
org.hibernate.mapping This package defines the Hibernate configuration-time metamodel. 

Uses of SimpleValue in org.hibernate.cfg

Fields in org.hibernate.cfg declared as SimpleValue
protected  SimpleValue FkSecondPass.value

Methods in org.hibernate.cfg with parameters of type SimpleValue
protected  void Ejb3Column.addColumnBinding(SimpleValue value)
protected  void Ejb3JoinColumn.addColumnBinding(SimpleValue value)
static void HbmBinder.bindColumns(org.dom4j.Element node, SimpleValue simpleValue, boolean isNullable, boolean autoColumn, String propertyPath, Mappings mappings)
static void HbmBinder.bindSimpleValue(org.dom4j.Element node, SimpleValue simpleValue, boolean isNullable, String path, Mappings mappings)
 void Ejb3JoinColumn.copyReferencedStructureAndCreateDefaultJoinColumns(PersistentClass referencedEntity, Iterator columnIterator, SimpleValue value)
 void Ejb3JoinColumn.linkValueUsingAColumnCopy(Column column, SimpleValue value)
          used for mappedBy cases
 void Ejb3JoinColumn.linkValueUsingDefaultColumnNaming(Column referencedColumn, PersistentClass referencedEntity, SimpleValue value)
 void Ejb3Column.linkWithValue(SimpleValue value)
static void BinderHelper.makeIdGenerator(SimpleValue id, String generatorType, String generatorName, Mappings mappings, Map<String,IdGenerator> localGenerators)
          apply an id generator to a SimpleValue

Constructors in org.hibernate.cfg with parameters of type SimpleValue
FkSecondPass(SimpleValue value, Ejb3JoinColumn[] columns)
JoinedSubclassFkSecondPass(JoinedSubclass entity, Ejb3JoinColumn[] inheritanceJoinedColumns, SimpleValue key, Mappings mappings)
PkDrivenByDefaultMapsIdSecondPass(String referencedEntityName, Ejb3JoinColumn[] columns, SimpleValue value)

Uses of SimpleValue in org.hibernate.cfg.annotations

Methods in org.hibernate.cfg.annotations that return SimpleValue
 SimpleValue SimpleValueBinder.make()

Methods in org.hibernate.cfg.annotations with parameters of type SimpleValue
static void TableBinder.bindFk(PersistentClass referencedEntity, PersistentClass destinationEntity, Ejb3JoinColumn[] columns, SimpleValue value, boolean unique, Mappings mappings)
static void CollectionBinder.bindManytoManyInverseFk(PersistentClass referencedEntity, Ejb3JoinColumn[] columns, SimpleValue value, boolean unique, Mappings mappings)
          bind the inverse FK of a ManyToMany If we are in a mappedBy case, read the columns from the associated collection element Otherwise delegates to the usual algorithm
static void TableBinder.linkJoinColumnWithValueOverridingNameIfImplicit(PersistentClass referencedEntity, Iterator columnIterator, Ejb3JoinColumn[] columns, SimpleValue value)

Uses of SimpleValue in org.hibernate.mapping

Subclasses of SimpleValue in org.hibernate.mapping
 class Any
          A Hibernate "any" type (ie.
 class Component
          The mapping for a component, composite element, composite identifier, etc.
 class DependantValue
          A value which is "typed" by reference to some other value (for example, a foreign key is typed by the referenced primary key).
 class ManyToOne
          A many-to-one association mapping
 class OneToOne
          A one-to-one association mapping
 class ToOne
          A simple-point association (ie.

Methods in org.hibernate.mapping with parameters of type SimpleValue
 Object ValueVisitor.accept(SimpleValue value)

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