Uses of Class

Packages that use ToOne
org.hibernate.cfg This package defines APIs for configuring Hibernate, and classes for building the Hibernate configuration-time metamodel. 
org.hibernate.mapping This package defines the Hibernate configuration-time metamodel. 

Uses of ToOne in org.hibernate.cfg

Methods in org.hibernate.cfg with parameters of type ToOne
protected static void AnnotationBinder.defineFetchingStrategy(ToOne toOne, org.hibernate.annotations.common.reflection.XProperty property)

Constructors in org.hibernate.cfg with parameters of type ToOne
ToOneFkSecondPass(ToOne value, Ejb3JoinColumn[] columns, boolean unique, String entityClassName, String path, Mappings mappings)

Uses of ToOne in org.hibernate.mapping

Subclasses of ToOne in org.hibernate.mapping
 class ManyToOne
          A many-to-one association mapping
 class OneToOne
          A one-to-one association mapping

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