Class PositionalParameterSpecification

  extended by org.hibernate.param.AbstractExplicitParameterSpecification
      extended by org.hibernate.param.PositionalParameterSpecification
All Implemented Interfaces:
ExplicitParameterSpecification, ParameterSpecification

public class PositionalParameterSpecification
extends AbstractExplicitParameterSpecification
implements ParameterSpecification

Parameter bind specification for an explicit positional (or ordinal) parameter.

Constructor Summary
PositionalParameterSpecification(int sourceLine, int sourceColumn, int hqlPosition)
          Constructs a position/ordinal parameter bind specification.
Method Summary
 int bind(PreparedStatement statement, QueryParameters qp, SessionImplementor session, int position)
          Bind the appropriate value into the given statement at the specified position.
 int getHqlPosition()
          Getter for property 'hqlPosition'.
 String renderDisplayInfo()
          Render this parameter into displayable info (for logging, etc).
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Constructor Detail


public PositionalParameterSpecification(int sourceLine,
                                        int sourceColumn,
                                        int hqlPosition)
Constructs a position/ordinal parameter bind specification.

sourceLine - See AbstractExplicitParameterSpecification.getSourceLine()
sourceColumn - See AbstractExplicitParameterSpecification.getSourceColumn()
hqlPosition - The position in the source query, relative to the other source positional parameters.
Method Detail


public int bind(PreparedStatement statement,
                QueryParameters qp,
                SessionImplementor session,
                int position)
         throws SQLException
Bind the appropriate value into the given statement at the specified position.

Specified by:
bind in interface ParameterSpecification
statement - The statement into which the value should be bound.
qp - The defined values for the current query execution.
session - The session against which the current execution is occuring.
position - The position from which to start binding value(s).
The number of sql bind positions "eaten" by this bind operation.
SQLException - Indicates problems performing the JDBC biind operation.


public String renderDisplayInfo()
Render this parameter into displayable info (for logging, etc).

Specified by:
renderDisplayInfo in interface ParameterSpecification
The displayable info.


public int getHqlPosition()
Getter for property 'hqlPosition'.

Value for property 'hqlPosition'.

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