Package org.hibernate.sql.ordering.antlr

Interface Summary
ColumnMapper Contract for mapping a (an assumed) property reference to its columns.
Node General contract for AST nodes.
TranslationContext Contract for contextual information required to perform translation.

Class Summary
CollationSpecification Models a collation specification (COLLATE using a specific character-set) within a SortSpecification.
Factory Acts as a ASTFactory for injecting our specific AST node classes into the Antlr generated trees.
GeneratedOrderByFragmentParser Antlr grammar for dealing with order-by mapping fragments.
GeneratedOrderByFragmentRenderer Antlr grammar for rendering ORDER_BY trees as described by the OrderByFragmentParser
GeneratedOrderByLexer Lexer for the order-by fragment parser
NodeSupport Basic implementation of a Node.
OrderByFragment Represents a parsed order-by mapping fragment.
OrderByFragmentParser Extension of the Antlr-generated parser for the purpose of adding our custom parsing behavior.
OrderByFragmentRenderer TODO : javadoc
OrderByFragmentTranslator A translator which coordinates translation of an order-by mapping.
OrderingSpecification Models an ordering specification (ASCENDING or DESCENDING) within a SortSpecification.
SortKey Models the container node for the sort key, which is the term given by the ANSI SQL specification to the expression upon which to sort for each SortSpecification
SortSpecification Models each sorting exprersion.

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