Uses of Interface

Packages that use Statistics
org.hibernate This package defines the central Hibernate APIs. 
org.hibernate.internal An internal package containing mostly implementations of central Hibernate APIs of the org.hibernate package. 
org.hibernate.jmx This package exposes a Hibernate instance via JMX. 

Uses of Statistics in org.hibernate

Methods in org.hibernate that return Statistics
 Statistics SessionFactory.getStatistics()
          Retrieve the statistics fopr this factory.

Uses of Statistics in org.hibernate.internal

Methods in org.hibernate.internal that return Statistics
 Statistics SessionFactoryImpl.getStatistics()

Uses of Statistics in org.hibernate.jmx

Subinterfaces of Statistics in org.hibernate.jmx
 interface StatisticsServiceMBean
          Deprecated. See HHH-6190 for details

Classes in org.hibernate.jmx that implement Statistics
 class StatisticsService
          Deprecated. See HHH-6190 for details

Methods in org.hibernate.jmx that return Statistics
 Statistics SessionFactoryStub.getStatistics()

Uses of Statistics in org.hibernate.stat.internal

Classes in org.hibernate.stat.internal that implement Statistics
 class ConcurrentStatisticsImpl
          Implementation of Statistics based on the java.util.concurrent package.

Uses of Statistics in org.hibernate.stat.spi

Subinterfaces of Statistics in org.hibernate.stat.spi
 interface StatisticsImplementor
          Statistics SPI for the Hibernate core.

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