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Uses of AbstractJPATest in org.hibernate.test.jpa.cascade

Subclasses of AbstractJPATest in org.hibernate.test.jpa.cascade
 class CascadeTest
          According to the JPA spec, persist()ing an entity should throw an exception when said entity contains a reference to a transient entity through a mapped association where that association is not marked for cascading the persist operation.

Uses of AbstractJPATest in org.hibernate.test.jpa.fetch

Subclasses of AbstractJPATest in org.hibernate.test.jpa.fetch
 class FetchingTest

Uses of AbstractJPATest in org.hibernate.test.jpa.lock

Subclasses of AbstractJPATest in org.hibernate.test.jpa.lock
 class JPALockTest
          Tests specifically relating to section [Lock Modes] of the JPA persistence specification (as of the Proposed Final Draft).
 class RepeatableReadTest
          Test that the Hibernate Session complies with REPEATABLE_READ isolation semantics.

Uses of AbstractJPATest in org.hibernate.test.jpa.naturalid

Subclasses of AbstractJPATest in org.hibernate.test.jpa.naturalid
 class ImmutableNaturalIdTest
          copied from ImmutableNaturalIdTest

Uses of AbstractJPATest in org.hibernate.test.jpa.proxy

Subclasses of AbstractJPATest in org.hibernate.test.jpa.proxy
 class JPAProxyTest
          Test relation between proxies and get()/load() processing and make sure the interactions match the ejb3 expectations

Uses of AbstractJPATest in org.hibernate.test.jpa.ql

Subclasses of AbstractJPATest in org.hibernate.test.jpa.ql
 class JPAQLComplianceTest
          Tests for various JPAQL compliance issues
 class NativeQueryTest

Uses of AbstractJPATest in org.hibernate.test.jpa.removed

Subclasses of AbstractJPATest in org.hibernate.test.jpa.removed
 class RemovedEntityTest

Uses of AbstractJPATest in org.hibernate.test.jpa.txn

Subclasses of AbstractJPATest in org.hibernate.test.jpa.txn
 class TransactionJoiningTest

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