Class ObjectType

  extended by org.hibernate.type.AbstractType
      extended by org.hibernate.type.AnyType
          extended by org.hibernate.type.ObjectType
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, AssociationType, BasicType, CompositeType, Type

public class ObjectType
extends AnyType
implements BasicType

Specific adaptation of the "any" type to the old deprecated "object" type

See Also:
Serialized Form

Nested Class Summary
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Field Summary
static ObjectType INSTANCE
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 String getName()
          Returns the abbreviated name of the type.
 String[] getRegistrationKeys()
          Get the names under which this type should be registered in the type registry.
Methods inherited from class org.hibernate.type.AnyType
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assemble, beforeAssemble, compare, deepCopy, defaultSizes, dictatedSizes, disassemble, fromXMLNode, getColumnSpan, getHashCode, getHashCode, getReturnedClass, getSemiResolvedType, hydrate, isAnyType, isAssociationType, isCollectionType, isComponentType, isDirty, isDirty, isEntityType, isEqual, isEqual, isModified, isMutable, isSame, isXMLElement, nullSafeGet, nullSafeGet, nullSafeSet, nullSafeSet, replace, replace, resolve, semiResolve, setToXMLNode, sqlTypes, toColumnNullness, toLoggableString

Field Detail


public static final ObjectType INSTANCE
Constructor Detail


public ObjectType()
Method Detail


public String getName()
Description copied from interface: Type
Returns the abbreviated name of the type.

Specified by:
getName in interface Type
getName in class AnyType
String the Hibernate type name


public String[] getRegistrationKeys()
Description copied from interface: BasicType
Get the names under which this type should be registered in the type registry.

Specified by:
getRegistrationKeys in interface BasicType
The keys under which to register this type.

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