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Packages that use CollectionType
org.hibernate.event.internal This package defines a default set of event listeners that implements the default behaviors of Hibernate. 
org.hibernate.mapping This package defines the Hibernate configuration-time metamodel. 
org.hibernate.persister.collection This package abstracts the persistence mechanism for collections. 
org.hibernate.type A Hibernate Type is a strategy for mapping a Java property type to a JDBC type or types. 

Uses of CollectionType in org.hibernate.engine.internal

Methods in org.hibernate.engine.internal with parameters of type CollectionType
static void Collections.processReachableCollection(PersistentCollection collection, CollectionType type, Object entity, SessionImplementor session)
          Initialize the role of the collection.

Uses of CollectionType in org.hibernate.engine.spi

Methods in org.hibernate.engine.spi with parameters of type CollectionType
abstract  Iterator CascadingAction.getCascadableChildrenIterator(EventSource session, CollectionType collectionType, Object collection)
          Given a collection, get an iterator of the children upon which the current cascading action should be visited.
static Iterator CascadingAction.getLoadedElementsIterator(SessionImplementor session, CollectionType collectionType, Object collection)
          Iterate just the elements of the collection that are already there.

Uses of CollectionType in org.hibernate.event.internal

Methods in org.hibernate.event.internal with parameters of type CollectionType
 void EvictVisitor.evictCollection(Object value, CollectionType type)
protected  void ProxyVisitor.reattachCollection(PersistentCollection collection, CollectionType type)
          Reattach a detached (disassociated) initialized or uninitialized collection wrapper, using a snapshot carried with the collection wrapper

Uses of CollectionType in org.hibernate.hql.internal.ast.util

Methods in org.hibernate.hql.internal.ast.util with parameters of type CollectionType
 String SessionFactoryHelper.getAssociatedEntityName(CollectionType collectionType)
          Given a collection type, determine the entity name of the elements contained within instance of that collection.
 AssociationType SessionFactoryHelper.getElementAssociationType(CollectionType collectionType)
          Essentially the same as SessionFactoryHelper.getElementType(org.hibernate.type.CollectionType), but requiring that the element type be an association type.

Uses of CollectionType in org.hibernate.mapping

Methods in org.hibernate.mapping that return CollectionType
 CollectionType Collection.getCollectionType()
 CollectionType Array.getDefaultCollectionType()
 CollectionType Bag.getDefaultCollectionType()
 CollectionType IdentifierBag.getDefaultCollectionType()
 CollectionType Map.getDefaultCollectionType()
abstract  CollectionType Collection.getDefaultCollectionType()
 CollectionType List.getDefaultCollectionType()
 CollectionType Set.getDefaultCollectionType()

Uses of CollectionType in org.hibernate.persister.collection

Methods in org.hibernate.persister.collection that return CollectionType
 CollectionType AbstractCollectionPersister.getCollectionType()
 CollectionType CollectionPersister.getCollectionType()
          Get the associated Type

Uses of CollectionType in org.hibernate.type

Subclasses of CollectionType in org.hibernate.type
 class ArrayType
          A type for persistent arrays.
 class BagType
 class CustomCollectionType
          A custom type for mapping user-written classes that implement PersistentCollection
 class IdentifierBagType
 class ListType
 class MapType
 class OrderedMapType
          A specialization of the map type, with (resultset-based) ordering.
 class OrderedSetType
          A specialization of the set type, with (resultset-based) ordering.
 class SetType
 class SortedMapType
 class SortedSetType

Methods in org.hibernate.type that return CollectionType
 CollectionType TypeFactory.array(String role, String propertyRef, boolean embedded, Class elementClass)
 CollectionType TypeFactory.bag(String role, String propertyRef, boolean embedded)
 CollectionType TypeFactory.customCollection(String typeName, Properties typeParameters, String role, String propertyRef, boolean embedded)
 CollectionType TypeFactory.idbag(String role, String propertyRef, boolean embedded)
 CollectionType TypeFactory.list(String role, String propertyRef, boolean embedded)
 CollectionType role, String propertyRef, boolean embedded)
 CollectionType TypeFactory.orderedMap(String role, String propertyRef, boolean embedded)
 CollectionType TypeFactory.orderedSet(String role, String propertyRef, boolean embedded)
 CollectionType TypeFactory.set(String role, String propertyRef, boolean embedded)
 CollectionType TypeFactory.sortedMap(String role, String propertyRef, boolean embedded, Comparator comparator)
 CollectionType TypeFactory.sortedSet(String role, String propertyRef, boolean embedded, Comparator comparator)

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