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Uses of JarVisitor in org.hibernate.ejb.packaging

Classes in org.hibernate.ejb.packaging that implement JarVisitor
 class AbstractJarVisitor
          Parse a JAR of any form (zip file, exploded directory, ...) apply a set of filters (File filter, Class filter, Package filter) and return the appropriate matching sets of elements
 class ExplodedJarVisitor
 class FileZippedJarVisitor
          Work on a JAR that can be accessed through a File
 class InputStreamZippedJarVisitor
          Work on a JAR that can only be accessed through a inputstream This is less efficient than the FileZippedJarVisitor
 class JarProtocolVisitor

Methods in org.hibernate.ejb.packaging that return JarVisitor
static JarVisitor JarVisitorFactory.getVisitor(String jarPath, Filter[] filters)
          Get a JarVisitor to the jar jarPath applying the given filters Method used in a non-managed environment
static JarVisitor JarVisitorFactory.getVisitor(URL jarUrl, Filter[] filters)
          Build a JarVisitor on the given JAR URL applying the given filters
static JarVisitor JarVisitorFactory.getVisitor(URL jarUrl, Filter[] filters, String entry)

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