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Packages that use PersistenceMetadata

Uses of PersistenceMetadata in org.hibernate.ejb

Methods in org.hibernate.ejb with parameters of type PersistenceMetadata
 Ejb3Configuration Ejb3Configuration.configure(PersistenceMetadata metadata, Map overridesIn)
          create a factory from a parsed persistence.xml Especially the scanning of classes and additional jars is done already at this point.

Uses of PersistenceMetadata in org.hibernate.ejb.packaging

Methods in org.hibernate.ejb.packaging that return types with arguments of type PersistenceMetadata
static List<PersistenceMetadata> PersistenceXmlLoader.deploy(URL url, Map overrides, EntityResolver resolver)
          Method used by JBoss AS 4.0.5 for parsing
static List<PersistenceMetadata> PersistenceXmlLoader.deploy(URL url, Map overrides, EntityResolver resolver, PersistenceUnitTransactionType defaultTransactionType)
          Method used by JBoss EJB3 (4.2 and above) for parsing Object used by Hibernate OGM as well, consider this some kind of exposed service at the SPI level

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