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 class BigDecimalTypeDescriptor
          Descriptor for BigDecimal handling.
 class BigIntegerTypeDescriptor
          Descriptor for BigInteger handling.
 class BlobTypeDescriptor
          Descriptor for Blob handling.
 class BooleanTypeDescriptor
          Descriptor for Boolean handling.
 class ByteArrayTypeDescriptor
          TODO : javadoc
 class ByteTypeDescriptor
          Descriptor for Byte handling.
 class CalendarDateTypeDescriptor
          Descriptor for Calendar handling, but just for the date (month, day, year) portion.
 class CalendarTypeDescriptor
          Descriptor for Calendar handling.
 class CharacterArrayTypeDescriptor
          TODO : javadoc
 class CharacterTypeDescriptor
          Descriptor for Character handling.
 class ClassTypeDescriptor
          TODO : javadoc
 class ClobTypeDescriptor
          Descriptor for Clob handling.
 class CurrencyTypeDescriptor
          TODO : javadoc
 class DateTypeDescriptor
          TODO : javadoc
 class DoubleTypeDescriptor
          Descriptor for Double handling.
 class FloatTypeDescriptor
          Descriptor for Float handling.
 class IntegerTypeDescriptor
          Descriptor for Integer handling.
 class JdbcDateTypeDescriptor
          TODO : javadoc
 class JdbcTimestampTypeDescriptor
          TODO : javadoc
 class JdbcTimeTypeDescriptor
          TODO : javadoc
 class LocaleTypeDescriptor
          TODO : javadoc
 class LongTypeDescriptor
          Descriptor for Long handling.
 class PrimitiveByteArrayTypeDescriptor
          Descriptor for byte[] handling.
 class PrimitiveCharacterArrayTypeDescriptor
          TODO : javadoc
 class SerializableTypeDescriptor<T extends Serializable>
          TODO : javadoc
 class ShortTypeDescriptor
          Descriptor for Short handling.
 class StringTypeDescriptor
          Descriptor for String handling.
 class TimeZoneTypeDescriptor
          Descriptor for TimeZone handling.
 class UrlTypeDescriptor
          Descriptor for URL handling.
 class UUIDTypeDescriptor
          Descriptor for UUID handling.

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