Class WrongClassException

  extended byjava.lang.Throwable
      extended byjava.lang.Exception
          extended byjava.lang.RuntimeException
              extended byorg.hibernate.exception.NestableRuntimeException
                  extended byorg.hibernate.HibernateException
                      extended byorg.hibernate.WrongClassException
All Implemented Interfaces:
Nestable, Serializable

public class WrongClassException
extends HibernateException

Thrown when Session.load() selects a row with the given primary key (identifier value) but the row's discriminator value specifies a subclass that is not assignable to the class requested by the user.

Gavin King
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Serialized Form

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.hibernate.exception.NestableRuntimeException
Constructor Summary
WrongClassException(String msg, Serializable identifier, String clazz)
Method Summary
 String getEntityName()
 Serializable getIdentifier()
 String getMessage()
          Returns the detail message string of this throwable.
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Constructor Detail


public WrongClassException(String msg,
                           Serializable identifier,
                           String clazz)
Method Detail


public Serializable getIdentifier()


public String getMessage()
Description copied from class: NestableRuntimeException
Returns the detail message string of this throwable. If it was created with a null message, returns the following: ( cause==null ? null : cause.toString( ).

Specified by:
getMessage in interface Nestable
getMessage in class NestableRuntimeException


public String getEntityName()