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org.hibernate.criterion A framework for defining restriction criteria and order criteria. 

Uses of Example in org.hibernate.criterion

Methods in org.hibernate.criterion that return Example
 Example Example.setEscapeCharacter(Character escapeCharacter)
          Set escape character for "like" clause
 Example Example.setPropertySelector(Example.PropertySelector selector)
          Set the property selector
 Example Example.excludeZeroes()
          Exclude zero-valued properties
 Example Example.excludeNone()
          Don't exclude null or zero-valued properties
 Example Example.enableLike(MatchMode matchMode)
          Use the "like" operator for all string-valued properties
 Example Example.enableLike()
          Use the "like" operator for all string-valued properties
 Example Example.ignoreCase()
          Ignore case for all string-valued properties
 Example Example.excludeProperty(String name)
          Exclude a particular named property
static Example Example.create(Object entity)
          Create a new instance, which includes all non-null properties by default