Package org.hibernate.hql.ast

An ANTLR-based parser for Hibernate Query Language.


Interface Summary
ErrorReporter Implementations will report or handle errors invoked by an ANTLR base parser.
ParseErrorHandler Defines the behavior of an error handler for the HQL parsers.

Class Summary
ASTQueryTranslatorFactory Generates translators which uses the Antlr-based parser to perform the translation.
ErrorCounter An error handler that counts parsing errors and warnings.
HqlASTFactory User: Joshua Davis
Date: Sep 23, 2005
Time: 12:30:01 PM
HqlParser Implements the semantic action methods defined in the HQL base parser to keep the grammar source file a little cleaner.
HqlSqlWalker Implements methods used by the HQL->SQL tree transform grammar (a.k.a.
HqlToken A custom token class for the HQL grammar.
ParameterTranslationsImpl Defines the information available for parameters encountered during query translation through the antlr-based parser.
QueryTranslatorImpl A QueryTranslator that uses an Antlr-based parser.
SqlASTFactory Custom AST factory the intermediate tree that causes ANTLR to create specialized AST nodes, given the AST node type (from HqlSqlTokenTypes).
SqlGenerator Generates SQL by overriding callback methods in the base class, which does the actual SQL AST walking.

Exception Summary
DetailedSemanticException Thrown when a call to the underlying Hibernate engine fails, indicating some form of semantic exception (e.g.
InvalidPathException Exception thrown when an invalid path is found in a query.
InvalidWithClauseException {@inheritDoc}
QuerySyntaxException Exception thrown when there is a syntax error in the HQL.

Package org.hibernate.hql.ast Description

An ANTLR-based parser for Hibernate Query Language.

Classes in this package extend the ANTLR-generated parser classes.