Package org.hibernate.hql.ast.tree

Interface Summary
BinaryOperatorNode Contract for nodes representing binary operators.
ExpectedTypeAwareNode Interface for nodes which wish to be made aware of any determined "expected type" based on the context within they appear in the query.
InitializeableNode An interface for initializeable AST nodes.
OperatorNode Contract for nodes representing operators (logic or arithmetic).
ParameterContainer Deprecated.  
PathNode An AST node with a path property.
ResolvableNode The contract for expression sub-trees that can resolve themselves.
RestrictableStatement Type definition for Statements which are restrictable via a where-clause (and thus also having a from-clause).
SelectExpression Represents an element of a projection list, i.e.
SessionFactoryAwareNode Interface for nodes which require access to the SessionFactory
Statement Common interface modeling the different HQL statements (i.e., INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, SELECT).
UnaryOperatorNode Contract for nodes representing unary operators.

Class Summary
AbstractNullnessCheckNode AbstractNullnessCheckNode implementation
AbstractRestrictableStatement Convenience implementation of RestrictableStatement to centralize common functionality.
AbstractSelectExpression Partial implementation of SelectExpression for all the nodes that aren't constructors.
AbstractStatement Convenience implementation of Statement to centralize common functionality.
AggregateNode Represents an aggregate function i.e.
AssignmentSpecification Encapsulates the information relating to an individual assignment within the set clause of an HQL update statement.
BetweenOperatorNode Contract for nodes representing logcial BETWEEN (ternary) operators.
BinaryArithmeticOperatorNode Nodes which represent binary arithmetic operators.
BinaryLogicOperatorNode Contract for nodes representing binary operators.
BooleanLiteralNode Represents a boolean literal within a query.
Case2Node Represents a case ...
CaseNode Represents a case ...
CollectionFunction Represents 'elements()' or 'indices()'.
ConstructorNode Represents a constructor (new) in a SELECT.
CountNode Represents a COUNT expression in a select.
DeleteStatement Defines a top-level AST node representing an HQL delete statement.
DotNode Represents a reference to a property or alias expression.
FromClause Represents the 'FROM' part of a query or subquery, containing all mapped class references.
FromElement Represents a single mapped class mentioned in an HQL FROM clause.
FromReferenceNode Represents a reference to a FROM element, for example a class alias in a WHERE clause.
HqlSqlWalkerNode A semantic analysis node, that points back to the main analyzer.
IdentNode Represents an identifier all by itself, which may be a function name, a class alias, or a form of naked property-ref depending on the context.
ImpliedFromElement Represents a FROM element implied by a path expression or a collection reference.
IndexNode Represents the [] operator and provides it's semantics.
InsertStatement Defines a top-level AST node representing an HQL "insert select" statement.
IntoClause Represents an entity referenced in the INTO clause of an HQL INSERT statement.
IsNotNullLogicOperatorNode IsNotNullLogicOperatorNode implementation
IsNullLogicOperatorNode Represents a 'is null' check.
JavaConstantNode A node representing a static Java constant.
LiteralNode Represents a literal.
MethodNode Represents a method call.
Node Base node class for use by Hibernate within its AST trees.
OrderByClause Implementation of OrderByClause.
ParameterNode Implementation of ParameterNode.
QueryNode Defines a top-level AST node representing an HQL select statement.
SelectClause Represents the list of expressions in a SELECT clause.
SelectExpressionImpl A select expression that was generated by a FROM element.
SelectExpressionList Common behavior - a node that contains a list of select expressions.
SqlFragment Represents an SQL fragment in the AST.
SqlNode A base AST node for the intermediate tree.
UnaryLogicOperatorNode Represents a unary operator node.
UpdateStatement Defines a top-level AST node representing an HQL update statement.