Package org.hibernate.mapping

This package defines the Hibernate configuration-time metamodel.


Interface Summary
AuxiliaryDatabaseObject Auxiliary database objects (i.e., triggers, stored procedures, etc) defined in the mappings.
Fetchable Any mapping with an outer-join attribute
Filterable Defines mapping elements to which filters may be applied.
KeyValue Represents an identifying key of a table: the value for primary key of an entity, or a foreign key of a collection or join table or joined subclass table.
MetaAttributable Common interface for things that can handle meta attributes.
RelationalModel A relational object which may be created using DDL
TableOwner Interface allowing to differenciate SubClasses from Classes, JoinedSubClasses and UnionSubClasses The first one has not its own table while the others have
Value A value is anything that is persisted by value, instead of by reference.

Class Summary
AbstractAuxiliaryDatabaseObject Convenience base class for AuxiliaryDatabaseObjects.
Any A Hibernate "any" type (ie.
Array An array mapping has a primary key consisting of the key columns + index column.
Bag A bag permits duplicates, so it has no primary key
Collection Mapping for a collection.
Column A column of a relational database table
Component The mapping for a component, composite element, composite identifier, etc.
Constraint A relational constraint.
DependantValue A value which is "typed" by reference to some other value (for example, a foreign key is typed by the referenced primary key).
ForeignKey A foreign key constraint
Formula A formula is a derived column value
IdentifierBag An IdentifierBag has a primary key consisting of just the identifier column
IdentifierCollection A collection with a synthetic "identifier" column
Index A relational table index
IndexedCollection Indexed collections include Lists, Maps, arrays and primitive arrays.
JoinedSubclass A subclass in a table-per-subclass mapping
List A list mapping has a primary key consisting of the key columns + index column.
ManyToOne A many-to-one association mapping
Map A map has a primary key consisting of the key columns + index columns.
MetaAttribute A meta attribute is a named value or values.
OneToMany A mapping for a one-to-many association
OneToOne A one-to-one association mapping
PersistentClass Mapping for an entity.
PrimaryKey A primary key constraint
PrimitiveArray A primitive array has a primary key consisting of the key columns + index column.
Property Represents a property as part of an entity or a component.
PropertyGeneration Indicates whether given properties are generated by the database and, if so, at what time(s) they are generated.
RootClass The root class of an inheritance hierarchy
Set A set with no nullable element columns.
SimpleAuxiliaryDatabaseObject A simple implementation of AbstractAuxiliaryDatabaseObject in which the CREATE and DROP strings are provided up front.
SimpleValue Any value that maps to columns.
Subclass A sublass in a table-per-class-hierarchy mapping
Table A relational table
ToOne A simple-point association (ie.
TypeDef Placeholder for typedef information
UnionSubclass A subclass in a table-per-concrete-class mapping
UniqueKey A relational unique key constraint

Package org.hibernate.mapping Description

This package defines the Hibernate configuration-time metamodel.