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Packages that use QueryTranslatorImpl
org.hibernate.hql.ast An ANTLR-based parser for Hibernate Query Language. 
org.hibernate.loader.hql This package defines a loader for the AST-based query parser 

Uses of QueryTranslatorImpl in org.hibernate.hql.ast

Constructors in org.hibernate.hql.ast with parameters of type QueryTranslatorImpl
HqlSqlWalker(QueryTranslatorImpl qti, SessionFactoryImplementor sfi, HqlParser parser, Map tokenReplacements, String collectionRole)
          Create a new tree transformer.

Uses of QueryTranslatorImpl in org.hibernate.loader.hql

Constructors in org.hibernate.loader.hql with parameters of type QueryTranslatorImpl
QueryLoader(QueryTranslatorImpl queryTranslator, SessionFactoryImplementor factory, SelectClause selectClause)
          Creates a new Loader implementation.

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