Uses of Interface

Packages that use SessionFactoryObserver
org.hibernate.cfg This package defines APIs for configuring Hibernate, and classes for building the Hibernate configuration-time metamodel. 
org.hibernate.impl This package contains implementations of the central Hibernate APIs, especially the Hibernate session. 

Uses of SessionFactoryObserver in org.hibernate.cfg

Methods in org.hibernate.cfg that return SessionFactoryObserver
 SessionFactoryObserver Configuration.getSessionFactoryObserver()

Methods in org.hibernate.cfg with parameters of type SessionFactoryObserver
 void Configuration.setSessionFactoryObserver(SessionFactoryObserver sessionFactoryObserver)

Uses of SessionFactoryObserver in org.hibernate.impl

Constructors in org.hibernate.impl with parameters of type SessionFactoryObserver
SessionFactoryImpl(Configuration cfg, Mapping mapping, Settings settings, EventListeners listeners, SessionFactoryObserver observer)

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