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Packages that use AbstractPersistentCollection
org.hibernate.collection This package defines a framework for collection wrappers. 

Uses of AbstractPersistentCollection in org.hibernate.collection

Subclasses of AbstractPersistentCollection in org.hibernate.collection
 class PersistentArrayHolder
          A persistent wrapper for an array.
 class PersistentBag
          An unordered, unkeyed collection that can contain the same element multiple times.
 class PersistentElementHolder
          A persistent wrapper for an XML element
 class PersistentIdentifierBag
          An IdentifierBag implements "bag" semantics more efficiently than a regular Bag by adding a synthetic identifier column to the table.
 class PersistentIndexedElementHolder
          A persistent wrapper for an XML element
 class PersistentList
          A persistent wrapper for a java.util.List.
 class PersistentListElementHolder
 class PersistentMap
          A persistent wrapper for a java.util.Map.
 class PersistentMapElementHolder
 class PersistentSet
          A persistent wrapper for a java.util.Set.
 class PersistentSortedMap
          A persistent wrapper for a java.util.SortedMap.
 class PersistentSortedSet
          A persistent wrapper for a java.util.SortedSet.

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