Uses of Interface

Packages that use EnhancedProjection
org.hibernate.criterion A framework for defining restriction criteria and order criteria. 

Uses of EnhancedProjection in org.hibernate.criterion

Classes in org.hibernate.criterion that implement EnhancedProjection
 class AggregateProjection
          Base class for standard aggregation functions.
 class AliasedProjection
 class AvgProjection
          An avg() projection
 class CountProjection
          A count
 class Distinct
 class IdentifierProjection
          A property value, or grouped property value
 class ProjectionList
 class Property
          A factory for property-specific criterion and projection instances
 class PropertyProjection
          A property value, or grouped property value
 class RowCountProjection
          A row count
 class SimpleProjection
          A single-column projection that may be aliased

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