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Uses of PathImplementor in org.hibernate.ejb.criteria

Subinterfaces of PathImplementor in org.hibernate.ejb.criteria
 interface CollectionJoinImplementor<Z,X>
          Specialization of JoinImplementor for Collection typed attribute joins
 interface FromImplementor<Z,X>
          Implementation contract for the JPA From interface.
 interface JoinImplementor<Z,X>
          Consolidates the Join and Fetch hierarchies since that is how we implement them.
 interface ListJoinImplementor<Z,X>
          Specialization of JoinImplementor for List typed attribute joins
 interface MapJoinImplementor<Z,K,V>
          Specialization of JoinImplementor for Map typed attribute joins
 interface SetJoinImplementor<Z,X>
          Specialization of JoinImplementor for Set typed attribute joins

Uses of PathImplementor in org.hibernate.ejb.criteria.expression

Constructors in org.hibernate.ejb.criteria.expression with parameters of type PathImplementor
ListIndexExpression(CriteriaBuilderImpl criteriaBuilder, PathImplementor origin, javax.persistence.metamodel.ListAttribute listAttribute)
MapEntryExpression(CriteriaBuilderImpl criteriaBuilder, Class<Map.Entry<K,V>> javaType, PathImplementor origin, javax.persistence.metamodel.MapAttribute<?,K,V> attribute)

Uses of PathImplementor in org.hibernate.ejb.criteria.path

Classes in org.hibernate.ejb.criteria.path that implement PathImplementor
 class AbstractFromImpl<Z,X>
          Convenience base class for various From implementors.
 class AbstractJoinImpl<Z,X>
          TODO : javadoc
 class AbstractPathImpl<X>
          Convenience base class for various Path implementors.
 class CollectionAttributeJoin<O,E>
          TODO : javadoc
 class ListAttributeJoin<O,E>
          TODO : javadoc
 class MapAttributeJoin<O,K,V>
          TODO : javadoc
static class MapKeyHelpers.MapKeyPath<K>
          Models a path to a map key.
static class MapKeyHelpers.MapKeySource<K,V>
          Defines a Path for the map which can then be used to represent the source of the map key "attribute".
 class PluralAttributeJoinSupport<O,C,E>
          Support for defining joins to plural attributes (JPA requires typing based on the specific collection type so we cannot really implement all support in a single class)
 class PluralAttributePath<X>
          Models a path for a PluralAttribute generally obtained from a Path.get(javax.persistence.metamodel.SingularAttribute) call
 class RootImpl<X>
          TODO : javadoc
 class SetAttributeJoin<O,E>
          TODO : javadoc
 class SingularAttributeJoin<Z,X>
          TODO : javadoc
 class SingularAttributePath<X>
          Models a path for a SingularAttribute generally obtained from a Path.get(SingularAttribute) call

Methods in org.hibernate.ejb.criteria.path that return PathImplementor
 PathImplementor<?> MapKeyHelpers.MapKeySource.getParentPath()

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