Class JavaElementFilter

  extended by org.hibernate.ejb.packaging.Filter
      extended by org.hibernate.ejb.packaging.JavaElementFilter
Direct Known Subclasses:
ClassFilter, PackageFilter

public abstract class JavaElementFilter
extends Filter

Filter a Java element (class or package per fully qualified name and annotation existence) At least 1 annotation has to annotate the element and the accept method must match If none annotations are passed, only the accept method must pass.

Emmanuel Bernard

Constructor Summary
protected JavaElementFilter(boolean retrieveStream, Class[] annotations)
Method Summary
abstract  boolean accept(String javaElementName)
          Return true if the fully qualified name match
 Class[] getAnnotations()
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Constructor Detail


protected JavaElementFilter(boolean retrieveStream,
                            Class[] annotations)
retrieveStream - Give back an open stream to the matching element or not
annotations - Array of annotations that must be present to match (1 of them should annotate the element
Method Detail


public Class[] getAnnotations()


public abstract boolean accept(String javaElementName)
Return true if the fully qualified name match

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