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Packages that use JoinFragment
org.hibernate.dialect This package abstracts the SQL dialect of the underlying database. 
org.hibernate.engine This package contains classes that are "shared" by other packages, and implementations of some key algorithms. 
org.hibernate.loader This package defines functionality for processing JDBC result sets and returning complex graphs of persistent objects. 
org.hibernate.persister.entity This package abstracts persistence mechanisms for entities, and defines the Hibernate runtime metamodel. 
org.hibernate.sql This package defines helper classes for rendering SQL fragments and SQL statements. 

Uses of JoinFragment in org.hibernate.dialect

Methods in org.hibernate.dialect that return JoinFragment
 JoinFragment TimesTenDialect.createOuterJoinFragment()
 JoinFragment Sybase11Dialect.createOuterJoinFragment()
 JoinFragment OracleDialect.createOuterJoinFragment()
 JoinFragment Oracle8iDialect.createOuterJoinFragment()
          Support for the oracle proprietary join syntax...
 JoinFragment Oracle10gDialect.createOuterJoinFragment()
 JoinFragment Dialect.createOuterJoinFragment()
          Create a JoinFragment strategy responsible for handling this dialect's variations in how joins are handled.
 JoinFragment Cache71Dialect.createOuterJoinFragment()

Uses of JoinFragment in org.hibernate.engine

Methods in org.hibernate.engine that return JoinFragment
 JoinFragment JoinSequence.toJoinFragment()
 JoinFragment JoinSequence.toJoinFragment(Map enabledFilters, boolean includeExtraJoins)
 JoinFragment JoinSequence.toJoinFragment(Map enabledFilters, boolean includeExtraJoins, String withClauseFragment, String withClauseJoinAlias)

Uses of JoinFragment in org.hibernate.hql.ast.tree

Methods in org.hibernate.hql.ast.tree with parameters of type JoinFragment
 void SqlFragment.setJoinFragment(JoinFragment joinFragment)

Uses of JoinFragment in org.hibernate.hql.ast.util

Methods in org.hibernate.hql.ast.util with parameters of type JoinFragment
 void SyntheticAndFactory.addWhereFragment(JoinFragment joinFragment, String whereFragment, QueryNode query, FromElement fromElement, HqlSqlWalker hqlSqlWalker)

Uses of JoinFragment in org.hibernate.loader

Methods in org.hibernate.loader that return JoinFragment
protected  JoinFragment JoinWalker.mergeOuterJoins(List associations)
          Generate a sequence of LEFT OUTER JOIN clauses for the given associations.

Methods in org.hibernate.loader with parameters of type JoinFragment
 void OuterJoinableAssociation.addJoins(JoinFragment outerjoin)
 void OuterJoinableAssociation.addManyToManyJoin(JoinFragment outerjoin, QueryableCollection collection)

Uses of JoinFragment in org.hibernate.persister.entity

Methods in org.hibernate.persister.entity that return JoinFragment
protected  JoinFragment AbstractEntityPersister.createJoin(int[] tableNumbers, String drivingAlias)
protected  JoinFragment AbstractEntityPersister.createJoin(String name, boolean innerJoin, boolean includeSubclasses)

Uses of JoinFragment in org.hibernate.sql

Subclasses of JoinFragment in org.hibernate.sql
 class ANSIJoinFragment
          An ANSI-style join
 class CacheJoinFragment
          A Caché dialect join.
 class OracleJoinFragment
          An Oracle-style (theta) join
 class QueryJoinFragment
          A join that appears in a translated HQL query
 class Sybase11JoinFragment
          An old Sybase-style join (before Sybase supported the ANSI style "inner join" etc syntax) This is needed for Sybase 11.9.2 and earlier, using the HQL 2.* syntax with Collections.

Methods in org.hibernate.sql that return JoinFragment
 JoinFragment Sybase11JoinFragment.copy()
 JoinFragment QueryJoinFragment.copy()
 JoinFragment OracleJoinFragment.copy()
abstract  JoinFragment JoinFragment.copy()
 JoinFragment ANSIJoinFragment.copy()
 JoinFragment QuerySelect.getJoinFragment()

Methods in org.hibernate.sql with parameters of type JoinFragment
 void JoinFragment.addFragment(JoinFragment ojf)

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