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Packages that use CacheProvider
org.hibernate.cache This package defines APIs/SPIs and implementations for the Hibernate second-level cache. 

Uses of CacheProvider in org.hibernate.cache

Classes in org.hibernate.cache that implement CacheProvider
 class AbstractJndiBoundCacheProvider
          Support for CacheProvider implementations which are backed by caches bound into JNDI namespace.
 class EhCacheProvider
          Cache Provider plugin for ehcache-1.2.
 class HashtableCacheProvider
          A simple in-memory Hashtable-based cache impl.
 class NoCacheProvider
          Implementation of NoCacheProvider.
 class OSCacheProvider
          Support for OpenSymphony OSCache.
 class SingletonEhCacheProvider
          Singleton cache Provider plugin for Hibernate 3.2 and ehcache-1.2.
 class SwarmCacheProvider
          Support for SwarmCache replicated cache.

Uses of CacheProvider in org.hibernate.cache.impl.bridge

Methods in org.hibernate.cache.impl.bridge that return CacheProvider
 CacheProvider RegionFactoryCacheProviderBridge.getCacheProvider()

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