Interface HibernateEntityManager

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AbstractEntityManagerImpl, CurrentEntityManagerImpl, EntityManagerImpl

public interface HibernateEntityManager
extends EntityManager

Additional contract for Hibernate implementations of EntityManager providing access to various Hibernate specific functionality.

Gavin King

Method Summary
 Session getSession()
          Retrieve a reference to the Hibernate Session used by this EntityManager.
Methods inherited from interface javax.persistence.EntityManager
clear, close, contains, createNamedQuery, createNamedQuery, createNativeQuery, createNativeQuery, createNativeQuery, createQuery, createQuery, createQuery, detach, find, find, find, find, flush, getCriteriaBuilder, getDelegate, getEntityManagerFactory, getFlushMode, getLockMode, getMetamodel, getProperties, getReference, getTransaction, isOpen, joinTransaction, lock, lock, merge, persist, refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh, remove, setFlushMode, setProperty, unwrap

Method Detail


Session getSession()
Retrieve a reference to the Hibernate Session used by this EntityManager.


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