Uses of Interface

Packages that use FlushEntityEventListener
org.hibernate.event This package defines an event framework for Hibernate. 
org.hibernate.event.def This package defines a default set of event listeners that implements the default behaviors of Hibernate. 

Uses of FlushEntityEventListener in org.hibernate.ejb.event

Classes in org.hibernate.ejb.event that implement FlushEntityEventListener
 class EJB3FlushEntityEventListener
          Overrides the LifeCycle OnSave call to call the PreUpdate operation

Uses of FlushEntityEventListener in org.hibernate.event

Methods in org.hibernate.event that return FlushEntityEventListener
 FlushEntityEventListener[] EventListeners.getFlushEntityEventListeners()

Methods in org.hibernate.event with parameters of type FlushEntityEventListener
 void EventListeners.setFlushEntityEventListeners(FlushEntityEventListener[] flushEntityEventListener)

Uses of FlushEntityEventListener in org.hibernate.event.def

Classes in org.hibernate.event.def that implement FlushEntityEventListener
 class DefaultFlushEntityEventListener
          An event that occurs for each entity instance at flush time

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