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Packages that use LoadEvent
org.hibernate.event This package defines an event framework for Hibernate. 
org.hibernate.event.def This package defines a default set of event listeners that implements the default behaviors of Hibernate. 

Uses of LoadEvent in org.hibernate.event

Methods in org.hibernate.event with parameters of type LoadEvent
 void LoadEventListener.onLoad(LoadEvent event, LoadEventListener.LoadType loadType)
          Handle the given load event.

Uses of LoadEvent in org.hibernate.event.def

Methods in org.hibernate.event.def with parameters of type LoadEvent
protected  Object DefaultLoadEventListener.doLoad(LoadEvent event, EntityPersister persister, EntityKey keyToLoad, LoadEventListener.LoadType options)
          Coordinates the efforts to load a given entity.
protected  Object DefaultLoadEventListener.load(LoadEvent event, EntityPersister persister, EntityKey keyToLoad, LoadEventListener.LoadType options)
          Perfoms the load of an entity.
protected  Object DefaultLoadEventListener.loadFromDatasource(LoadEvent event, EntityPersister persister, EntityKey keyToLoad, LoadEventListener.LoadType options)
          Performs the process of loading an entity from the configured underlying datasource.
protected  Object DefaultLoadEventListener.loadFromSecondLevelCache(LoadEvent event, EntityPersister persister, LoadEventListener.LoadType options)
          Attempts to load the entity from the second-level cache.
protected  Object DefaultLoadEventListener.loadFromSessionCache(LoadEvent event, EntityKey keyToLoad, LoadEventListener.LoadType options)
          Attempts to locate the entity in the session-level cache.
protected  Object DefaultLoadEventListener.lockAndLoad(LoadEvent event, EntityPersister persister, EntityKey keyToLoad, LoadEventListener.LoadType options, SessionImplementor source)
          If the class to be loaded has been configured with a cache, then lock given id in that cache and then perform the load.
 void DefaultLoadEventListener.onLoad(LoadEvent event, LoadEventListener.LoadType loadType)
          Handle the given load event.
protected  Object DefaultLoadEventListener.proxyOrLoad(LoadEvent event, EntityPersister persister, EntityKey keyToLoad, LoadEventListener.LoadType options)
          Based on configured options, will either return a pre-existing proxy, generate a new proxy, or perform an actual load.

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