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Packages that use PostLoadEvent
org.hibernate.engine This package contains classes that are "shared" by other packages, and implementations of some key algorithms. 
org.hibernate.event This package defines an event framework for Hibernate. 
org.hibernate.event.def This package defines a default set of event listeners that implements the default behaviors of Hibernate. 

Uses of PostLoadEvent in org.hibernate.ejb.event

Methods in org.hibernate.ejb.event with parameters of type PostLoadEvent
 void EJB3PostLoadEventListener.onPostLoad(PostLoadEvent event)

Uses of PostLoadEvent in org.hibernate.engine

Methods in org.hibernate.engine with parameters of type PostLoadEvent
static void TwoPhaseLoad.initializeEntity(Object entity, boolean readOnly, SessionImplementor session, PreLoadEvent preLoadEvent, PostLoadEvent postLoadEvent)
          Perform the second step of 2-phase load.

Uses of PostLoadEvent in org.hibernate.event

Methods in org.hibernate.event that return PostLoadEvent
 PostLoadEvent PostLoadEvent.setEntity(Object entity)
 PostLoadEvent PostLoadEvent.setId(Serializable id)
 PostLoadEvent PostLoadEvent.setPersister(EntityPersister persister)

Methods in org.hibernate.event with parameters of type PostLoadEvent
 void PostLoadEventListener.onPostLoad(PostLoadEvent event)

Uses of PostLoadEvent in org.hibernate.event.def

Methods in org.hibernate.event.def with parameters of type PostLoadEvent
 void DefaultPostLoadEventListener.onPostLoad(PostLoadEvent event)

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