Package org.hibernate.annotations

Class Summary

Enum Summary
CacheConcurrencyStrategy Cache concurrency strategy
CacheModeType Enumeration for the different interaction modes between the session and the Level 2 Cache.
CascadeType Cascade types (can override default EJB3 cascades
FetchMode Fetch options on associations
FlushModeType Enumeration extending javax.persistence flush modes.
GenerationTime When should the generation occurs
LazyCollectionOption Lazy options available for a collection
LazyToOneOption Lazy options available for a ToOne association
NotFoundAction Actoin to use when an element is not found in DB while beeing expected
OnDeleteAction Possible actions on deletes
OptimisticLockType Optimistic locking strategy VERSION is the default and recommended one
PolymorphismType Type of available polymorphism for a particular entity
ResultCheckStyle Possible checks on Sql Insert, Delete, Update
SortType Sort strategies
SourceType Where should Hibernate retrieve the value from? From the database, or from the current JVM?

Annotation Types Summary
AccessType Property Access type Prefer the standard Access annotation
Any Define a ToOne association pointing to several entity types.
AnyMetaDef Defines @Any and @manyToAny metadata
AnyMetaDefs Defines @Any and @ManyToAny set of metadata.
BatchSize Batch size for SQL loading
Cache Add caching strategy to a root entity or a collection
Cascade Apply a cascade strategy on an association
Check Arbitrary SQL check constraints which can be defined at the class, property or collection level
CollectionId Describe an identifier column for a bag (ie an idbag) EXPERIMENTAL: the structure of this annotation might slightly change (generator() mix strategy and generator
CollectionType Names a custom collection type for a persistent collection.
Columns Support an array of columns.
ColumnTransformer Custom SQL expression used to read the value from and write a value to a column.
ColumnTransformers Plural annotation for @ColumnTransformer.
DiscriminatorFormula Discriminator formula To be placed at the root entity.
DiscriminatorOptions Optional annotation to express Hibernate specific discrimintor properties.
DynamicInsert For inserting, should this entity use dynamic sql generation where only non-null columns get referenced in the prepared sql statement?
DynamicUpdate For updating, should this entity use dynamic sql generation where only changed columns get referenced in the prepared sql statement?

Note, for re-attachment of detached entities this is not possible without select-before-update being enabled.

Entity Deprecated. See individual attributes for intended replacements.
Fetch Define the fetching strategy used for the given association
FetchProfile Define the fetching strategy profile.
Filter Add filters to an entity or a target entity of a collection
FilterDef Filter definition
FilterDefs Array of filter definitions
FilterJoinTable Add filters to a join table collection
FilterJoinTables Add multiple @FilterJoinTable to a collection
Filters Add multiple @Filters
Formula Formula.
Generated The annotated property is generated by the database
GenericGenerator Generator annotation describing any kind of Hibernate generator in a detyped manner
GenericGenerators Array of generic generator definitions
Immutable Mark an Entity or a Collection as immutable.
Index Define a DB index
IndexColumn Describe an index column of a List Prefer the standard OrderColumn annotation
JoinFormula JoinFormula.
LazyCollection Define the lazy status of a collection
LazyToOne Define the lazy status of a ToOne association (ie OneToOne or ManyToOne)
Loader Loader Annotation for overwriting Hibernate default FIND method
ManyToAny Defined a ToMany association pointing to different entity types.
MapKeyType Allows defining the type of the key of a persistent map.
MetaValue Represent a discriminator value associated to a given entity type
NamedNativeQueries Extends NamedNativeQueries to hold hibernate NamedNativeQuery objects
NamedNativeQuery Extends NamedNativeQuery with Hibernate features
NamedQueries Extends NamedQueries to hold hibernate NamedQuery objects
NamedQuery Extends NamedQuery with Hibernate features
Nationalized Marks a character data type (String, Character, character, Clob) as being a nationalized variant (NVARCHAR, NCHAR, NCLOB, etc).
NaturalId This specifies that a property is part of the natural id of the entity.
NaturalIdCache Used to specify that the natural id values associated with the annotated entity should be cached in Hibernate's shared (L2) cache.
NotFound Action to do when an element is not found on a association.
OnDelete Strategy to use on collections, arrays and on joined subclasses delete OnDelete of secondary tables currently not supported.
OptimisticLock Whether or not a change of the annotated property will trigger a entity version increment.
OptimisticLocking Used to define the style of optimistic locking to be applied to an entity.
OrderBy Order a collection using SQL ordering (not HQL ordering)
ParamDef A parameter definition
Parameter Parameter (basically key/value pattern)
Parent Reference the property as a pointer back to the owner (generally the owning entity)
Persister Specify a custom persister.
Polymorphism Used to define the type of polymorphism Hibernate will apply to entity hierarchies.
Proxy Lazy and proxy configuration of a particular class
RowId Support for ROWID mapping feature of Hibernate.
SelectBeforeUpdate Should the entity's current state be selected from the database when determining whether to perform an update when re-attaching detached entities?
Sort Collection sort (Java level sorting)
Source Optional annotation in conjunction with Version and timestamp version properties.
SQLDelete SqlDelete Annotation for overwriting Hibernate default DELETE method
SQLDeleteAll SqlDelete Annotation for overwriting Hibernate default DELETE ALL method
SqlFragmentAlias Describe aliases for filters
SQLInsert SqlInsert Annotation for overwriting Hibernate default INSERT INTO method
SQLUpdate SqlUpdate Annotation for overwriting Hibernate default UPDATE method
Subselect Map an immutable and read-only entity to a given SQL subselect expression:
Synchronize Ensures that auto-flush happens correctly and that queries against the derived entity do not return stale data.
Table Complementary information to a table either primary or secondary
Tables Plural of Table
Target Define an explicit target,a voiding reflection and generics resolving
Tuplizer Define a tuplizer for an entity or a component
Tuplizers Define a set of tuplizer for an entity or a component
Type hibernate type
TypeDef Type definition
TypeDefs Type definition array
Where Where clause to add to the element Entity or target entity of a collection The clause is written in SQL
WhereJoinTable Where clause to add to the colleciton join table The clause is written in SQL

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