Package org.hibernate.envers.entities.mapper.relation

Class Summary
AbstractOneToOneMapper Template class for property mappers that manage one-to-one relation.
AbstractToOneMapper Base class for property mappers that manage to-one relation.
BasicCollectionMapper<T extends Collection>  
CommonCollectionMapperData Data that is used by all collection mappers, regardless of the type.
MapCollectionMapper<T extends Map>  
MiddleComponentData A data holder for a middle relation component (which is either the collection element or index): - component mapper used to map the component to and from versions entities - an index, which specifies in which element of the array returned by the query for reading the collection the data of the component is
MiddleIdData A class holding information about ids, which form a virtual "relation" from a middle-table.
OneToOneNotOwningMapper Property mapper for not owning side of OneToOne relation.
OneToOnePrimaryKeyJoinColumnMapper Property mapper for OneToOne with PrimaryKeyJoinColumn relation.

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