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Uses of Pair in org.hibernate.envers

Methods in org.hibernate.envers that return types with arguments of type Pair
 Set<Pair<String,Class>> CrossTypeRevisionChangesReader.findEntityTypes(Number revision)
          Returns set of entity names and corresponding Java classes modified in a given revision.

Uses of Pair in org.hibernate.envers.query.order

Methods in org.hibernate.envers.query.order that return Pair
 Pair<String,Boolean> AuditOrder.getData(AuditConfiguration auditCfg)
 Pair<String,Boolean> PropertyAuditOrder.getData(AuditConfiguration auditCfg)

Uses of Pair in org.hibernate.envers.reader

Methods in org.hibernate.envers.reader that return types with arguments of type Pair
 Set<Pair<String,Class>> CrossTypeRevisionChangesReaderImpl.findEntityTypes(Number revision)

Uses of Pair in

Methods in that return Pair
<T1,T2> Pair<T1,T2>
Pair.make(T1 obj1, T2 obj2)

Methods in that return types with arguments of type Pair
<T> List<Pair<Integer,T>>
Tools.listToIndexElementPairList(List<T> list)
          Transforms a list of arbitrary elements to a list of index-element pairs.

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