Class SQLStateConversionDelegate

  extended by org.hibernate.exception.spi.AbstractSQLExceptionConversionDelegate
      extended by org.hibernate.exception.internal.SQLStateConversionDelegate
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class SQLStateConversionDelegate
extends AbstractSQLExceptionConversionDelegate

A SQLExceptionConverter implementation which performs conversion based on the underlying SQLState. Interpretation of a SQL error based on SQLState is not nearly as accurate as using the ErrorCode (which is, however, vendor-specific). SQLState codes are defined by both ANSI SQL specs and X/Open. Some of the "classes" are shared, others are specific to one or another, yet others are custom vendor classes. Unfortunately I have not been able to find a "blessed" list of X/Open codes. These codes are cobbled together between ANSI SQL spec and error code tables from few vendors documentation.

Constructor Summary
SQLStateConversionDelegate(ConversionContext conversionContext)
Method Summary
 JDBCException convert(SQLException sqlException, String message, String sql)
          Convert the given SQLException into the Hibernate JDBCException hierarchy.
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Constructor Detail


public SQLStateConversionDelegate(ConversionContext conversionContext)
Method Detail


public JDBCException convert(SQLException sqlException,
                             String message,
                             String sql)
Description copied from interface: SQLExceptionConversionDelegate
Convert the given SQLException into the Hibernate JDBCException hierarchy.

sqlException - The SQLException to be converted.
message - An (optional) error message.
sql - The SQL statement, if one, being performed when the exception occurred.
The resulting JDBCException, can be null

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