Class SQLExceptionConverterFactory

  extended by org.hibernate.exception.spi.SQLExceptionConverterFactory

public class SQLExceptionConverterFactory
extends Object

A factory for building SQLExceptionConverter instances.

Method Summary
static SQLExceptionConverter buildMinimalSQLExceptionConverter()
          Builds a minimal converter.
static SQLExceptionConverter buildSQLExceptionConverter(Dialect dialect, Properties properties)
          Build a SQLExceptionConverter instance.
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Method Detail


public static SQLExceptionConverter buildSQLExceptionConverter(Dialect dialect,
                                                               Properties properties)
                                                        throws HibernateException
Build a SQLExceptionConverter instance.

First, looks for a AvailableSettings.SQL_EXCEPTION_CONVERTER property to see if the configuration specified the class of a specific converter to use. If this property is set, attempt to construct an instance of that class. If not set, or if construction fails, the converter specific to the dialect will be used.

dialect - The defined dialect.
properties - The configuration properties.
An appropriate SQLExceptionConverter instance.
HibernateException - There was an error building the SQLExceptionConverter.


public static SQLExceptionConverter buildMinimalSQLExceptionConverter()
Builds a minimal converter. The instance returned here just always converts to GenericJDBCException.

The minimal converter.

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