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Uses of MetaAttributeContainer in org.hibernate.internal.jaxb.mapping.hbm

Subinterfaces of MetaAttributeContainer in org.hibernate.internal.jaxb.mapping.hbm
 interface EntityElement
 interface PluralAttributeElement
          Commonality between the various forms of plural attribute (collection) mappings: <bag/>, <set/>, etc.
 interface SingularAttributeSource
 interface SubEntityElement

Classes in org.hibernate.internal.jaxb.mapping.hbm that implement MetaAttributeContainer
 class IdBagPluralAttributeElementAdapter
          Adaptive implementation of the PluralAttributeElement for <idbag/> mappings which do not support all the configuration available on other collection mappings.
 class JaxbBagElement
          Java class for bag-element complex type.
static class JaxbHibernateMapping.JaxbClass
          Java class for anonymous complex type.
static class JaxbHibernateMapping.JaxbClass.JaxbId
          Java class for anonymous complex type.
 class JaxbIdbagElement
          Java class for idbag-element complex type.
 class JaxbJoinedSubclassElement
          Java class for joined-subclass-element complex type.
 class JaxbListElement
          Java class for list-element complex type.
 class JaxbMapElement
          Java class for map-element complex type.
 class JaxbPropertyElement
          Java class for property-element complex type.
 class JaxbSetElement
          Java class for set-element complex type.
 class JaxbSubclassElement
          Java class for subclass-element complex type.
 class JaxbUnionSubclassElement
          Java class for union-subclass-element complex type.

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