Package org.hibernate

This package defines the central Hibernate APIs.


Interface Summary
Cache Provides an API for querying/managing the second level cache regions.
Criteria Criteria is a simplified API for retrieving entities by composing Criterion objects.
CustomEntityDirtinessStrategy During a flush cycle, Hibernate needs to determine which of the entities associated with a Session.
CustomEntityDirtinessStrategy.AttributeChecker Responsible for identifying when attributes are dirty.
CustomEntityDirtinessStrategy.AttributeInformation Provides CustomEntityDirtinessStrategy.AttributeChecker with meta information about the attributes being checked.
CustomEntityDirtinessStrategy.DirtyCheckContext A callback to drive dirty checking.
EntityNameResolver Contract for resolving an entity-name from a given entity instance.
Filter Type definition of Filter.
IdentifierLoadAccess Loads an entity by its primary identifier
Interceptor Allows user code to inspect and/or change property values.
LobHelper A session's helper for creating LOB data
NaturalIdLoadAccess Loads an entity by its natural identifier
Query An object-oriented representation of a Hibernate query.
ScrollableResults A result iterator that allows moving around within the results by arbitrary increments.
Session The main runtime interface between a Java application and Hibernate.
Session.LockRequest Contains locking details (LockMode, Timeout and Scope).
SessionBuilder Represents a consolidation of all session creation options into a builder style delegate.
SessionFactory The main contract here is the creation of Session instances.
SessionFactoryObserver Allows reaction to basic SessionFactory occurrences.
SharedSessionBuilder Specialized SessionBuilder with access to stuff from another session
SharedSessionContract Contract methods shared between Session and StatelessSession
SimpleNaturalIdLoadAccess Loads an entity by its natural identifier
SQLQuery Represents a "native sql" query and allows the user to define certain aspects about its execution, such as: result-set value mapping (see below) Tables used via SQLQuery.addSynchronizedQuerySpace(java.lang.String), SQLQuery.addSynchronizedEntityName(java.lang.String) and SQLQuery.addSynchronizedEntityClass(java.lang.Class).
SQLQuery.FetchReturn Allows access to further control how join fetch returns are mapped back from result sets
SQLQuery.ReturnProperty Allows access to further control how properties within a root or join fetch are mapped back from the result set.
SQLQuery.RootReturn Allows access to further control how root returns are mapped back from result sets
SQLQueryResultMappingBuilder Allows programmatic access from SQLQuery to define how to map SQL results back to in-memory objects, both entities as well as scalars.
StatelessSession A command-oriented API for performing bulk operations against a database.
StatelessSessionBuilder Represents a consolidation of all stateless session creation options into a builder style delegate.
Transaction Defines the contract for abstracting applications from the configured underlying means of transaction management.
TypeHelper Provides access to the various Type instances associated with the SessionFactory.

Class Summary
EmptyInterceptor An interceptor that does nothing.
Hibernate Provides access to the full range of Hibernate built-in types.
LockOptions Contains locking details (LockMode, Timeout and Scope).
Version Information about the Hibernate version.

Enum Summary
CacheMode Controls how the session interacts with the second-level cache and query cache.
ConnectionReleaseMode Defines the various policies by which Hibernate might release its underlying JDBC connection.
EntityMode Defines the representation modes available for entities.
FetchMode Represents an association fetching strategy.
FlushMode Represents a flushing strategy.
LockMode Instances represent a lock mode for a row of a relational database table.
MultiTenancyStrategy Describes the methods for multi-tenancy understood by Hibernate.
ReplicationMode Represents a replication strategy.
ScrollMode Specifies the type of JDBC scrollable result set to use underneath a ScrollableResults

Exception Summary
AnnotationException Annotation related exception.
AssertionFailure Indicates failure of an assertion: a possible bug in Hibernate.
CallbackException Should be thrown by persistent objects from Lifecycle or Interceptor callbacks.
DuplicateMappingException Raised whenever a duplicate for a certain type occurs.
HibernateException The base Throwable type for Hibernate.
InstantiationException Thrown if Hibernate can't instantiate an entity or component class at runtime.
InvalidMappingException Thrown when a mapping is found to be invalid.
JDBCException Wraps an SQLException.
LazyInitializationException Indicates access to unfetched data outside of a session context.
MappingException An exception that usually occurs at configuration time, rather than runtime, as a result of something screwy in the O-R mappings.
MappingNotFoundException Thrown when a resource for a mapping could not be found.
NonUniqueObjectException This exception is thrown when an operation would break session-scoped identity.
NonUniqueResultException Thrown when the application calls Query.uniqueResult() and the query returned more than one result.
ObjectDeletedException Thrown when the user tries to do something illegal with a deleted object.
ObjectNotFoundException Thrown when Session.load() fails to select a row with the given primary key (identifier value).
OptimisticLockException Deprecated. Use OptimisticEntityLockException instead
PersistentObjectException Thrown when the user passes a persistent instance to a Session method that expects a transient instance.
PessimisticLockException Thrown when a pessimistic locking conflict occurs.
PropertyAccessException A problem occurred accessing a property of an instance of a persistent class by reflection, or via CGLIB.
PropertyNotFoundException Indicates that an expected getter or setter method could not be found on a class.
PropertyValueException Thrown when the (illegal) value of a property can not be persisted.
QueryException A problem occurred translating a Hibernate query to SQL due to invalid query syntax, etc.
QueryParameterException Parameter invalid or not found in the query
QueryTimeoutException Thrown when a database query timeout occurs.
ResourceClosedException Indicates an attempt was made to use a closed resource (Session, SessionFactory, etc).
SessionException Thrown when the user calls a method of a Session that is in an inappropriate state for the given call (for example, the the session is closed or disconnected).
StaleObjectStateException A StaleStateException that carries information about a particular entity instance that was the source of the failure.
StaleStateException Thrown when a version number or timestamp check failed, indicating that the Session contained stale data (when using long transactions with versioning).
TransactionException Indicates that a transaction could not be begun, committed or rolled back.
TransientObjectException Thrown when the user passes a transient instance to a Session method that expects a persistent instance.
TransientPropertyValueException Thrown when a property cannot be persisted because it is an association with a transient unsaved entity instance.
TypeMismatchException Used when a user provided type does not match the expected one
UnknownProfileException Used to indicate a request against an unknown profile name.
UnresolvableObjectException Thrown when Hibernate could not resolve an object by id, especially when loading an association.
WrongClassException Thrown when Session.load() selects a row with the given primary key (identifier value) but the row's discriminator value specifies a subclass that is not assignable to the class requested by the user.

Package org.hibernate Description

This package defines the central Hibernate APIs.

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