Class InstrumentTask

  extended by
      extended by
          extended by org.hibernate.tool.instrument.BasicInstrumentationTask
              extended by org.hibernate.tool.instrument.javassist.InstrumentTask
All Implemented Interfaces:
Cloneable, Instrumenter.Options

public class InstrumentTask
extends BasicInstrumentationTask

An Ant task for instrumenting persistent classes in order to enable field-level interception using Javassist.

In order to use this task, typically you would define a a taskdef similiar to:

where lib.class.path is an ANT path reference containing all the required Hibernate and Javassist libraries.

And then use it like:

where the nested ANT fileset includes the class you would like to have instrumented.

Optionally you can chose to enable "Extended Instrumentation" if desired by specifying the extended attriubute on the task:

See the Hibernate manual regarding this option.

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Method Summary
protected  Instrumenter buildInstrumenter(Logger logger, Instrumenter.Options options)
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Constructor Detail


public InstrumentTask()
Method Detail


protected Instrumenter buildInstrumenter(Logger logger,
                                         Instrumenter.Options options)
Specified by:
buildInstrumenter in class BasicInstrumentationTask

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