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Packages that use CacheableResultTransformer
org.hibernate.cache.spi Defines the Hibernate second level caching SPI. 
org.hibernate.transform Defines strategies for post-processing criteria query result sets into a form convenient to the application. 

Uses of CacheableResultTransformer in org.hibernate.cache.spi

Methods in org.hibernate.cache.spi that return CacheableResultTransformer
 CacheableResultTransformer QueryKey.getResultTransformer()
          Provides access to the explicitly user-provided result transformer.

Methods in org.hibernate.cache.spi with parameters of type CacheableResultTransformer
static QueryKey QueryKey.generateQueryKey(String queryString, QueryParameters queryParameters, Set filterKeys, SessionImplementor session, CacheableResultTransformer customTransformer)
          Generates a QueryKey.

Uses of CacheableResultTransformer in org.hibernate.transform

Methods in org.hibernate.transform that return CacheableResultTransformer
static CacheableResultTransformer CacheableResultTransformer.create(ResultTransformer transformer, String[] aliases, boolean[] includeInTuple)
          Returns a CacheableResultTransformer that is used to transform tuples to a value(s) that can be cached.

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