Class FieldInterceptionHelper

  extended by org.hibernate.bytecode.instrumentation.internal.FieldInterceptionHelper

public class FieldInterceptionHelper
extends Object

Helper class for dealing with enhanced entity classes. These operations are expensive. They are only meant to be used when code does not have access to a SessionFactory (namely from the instrumentation tasks). When code has access to a SessionFactory, EntityInstrumentationMetadata should be used instead to query the instrumentation state. EntityInstrumentationMetadata is accessed from the EntityPersister via the EntityPersister.getInstrumentationMetadata() method.

Method Summary
static FieldInterceptor extractFieldInterceptor(Object entity)
static FieldInterceptor injectFieldInterceptor(Object entity, String entityName, Set uninitializedFieldNames, SessionImplementor session)
static boolean isInstrumented(Class entityClass)
static boolean isInstrumented(Object entity)
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Method Detail


public static boolean isInstrumented(Class entityClass)


public static boolean isInstrumented(Object entity)


public static FieldInterceptor extractFieldInterceptor(Object entity)


public static FieldInterceptor injectFieldInterceptor(Object entity,
                                                      String entityName,
                                                      Set uninitializedFieldNames,
                                                      SessionImplementor session)

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