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Packages that use CacheKey
org.hibernate.internal An internal package containing mostly implementations of central Hibernate APIs. 

Uses of CacheKey in org.hibernate.engine.internal

Methods in org.hibernate.engine.internal with parameters of type CacheKey
static Serializable CacheHelper.fromSharedCache(SessionImplementor session, CacheKey cacheKey, RegionAccessStrategy cacheAccessStrategy)

Uses of CacheKey in org.hibernate.engine.spi

Methods in org.hibernate.engine.spi that return CacheKey
 CacheKey SessionDelegatorBaseImpl.generateCacheKey(Serializable id, Type type, String entityOrRoleName)
 CacheKey SessionImplementor.generateCacheKey(Serializable id, Type type, String entityOrRoleName)
          Hide the changing requirements of cache key creation.

Uses of CacheKey in org.hibernate.internal

Methods in org.hibernate.internal that return CacheKey
 CacheKey AbstractSessionImpl.generateCacheKey(Serializable id, Type type, String entityOrRoleName)

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