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Packages that use DeleteEvent
org.hibernate.event.internal This package defines a default set of event listeners that implements the default behaviors of Hibernate. 

Uses of DeleteEvent in org.hibernate.ejb.event

Methods in org.hibernate.ejb.event with parameters of type DeleteEvent
protected  void EJB3DeleteEventListener.performDetachedEntityDeletionCheck(DeleteEvent event)

Uses of DeleteEvent in org.hibernate.event.internal

Methods in org.hibernate.event.internal with parameters of type DeleteEvent
 void DefaultDeleteEventListener.onDelete(DeleteEvent event)
          Handle the given delete event.
 void DefaultDeleteEventListener.onDelete(DeleteEvent event, Set transientEntities)
          Handle the given delete event.
protected  void DefaultDeleteEventListener.performDetachedEntityDeletionCheck(DeleteEvent event)
          Called when we have recognized an attempt to delete a detached entity.

Uses of DeleteEvent in org.hibernate.event.spi

Methods in org.hibernate.event.spi with parameters of type DeleteEvent
 void DeleteEventListener.onDelete(DeleteEvent event)
          Handle the given delete event.
 void DeleteEventListener.onDelete(DeleteEvent event, Set transientEntities)

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