Package org.hibernate.loader.collection

This package defines collection initializers


Interface Summary
CollectionInitializer An interface for collection loaders

Class Summary
BasicCollectionJoinWalker Walker for collections of values and many-to-many associations
BasicCollectionLoader Loads a collection of values or a many-to-many association.
BatchingCollectionInitializer The base contract for loaders capable of performing batch-fetch loading of collections using multiple foreign key values in the SQL WHERE clause.
BatchingCollectionInitializerBuilder Contract for building CollectionInitializer instances capable of performing batch-fetch loading.
CollectionJoinWalker Superclass of walkers for collection initializers
CollectionLoader Superclass for loaders that initialize collections
DynamicBatchingCollectionInitializerBuilder A BatchingCollectionInitializerBuilder that builds CollectionInitializer instances capable of dynamically building its batch-fetch SQL based on the actual number of collections keys waiting to be fetched.
OneToManyJoinWalker Walker for one-to-many associations
OneToManyLoader Loads one-to-many associations

The collection persister must implement QueryableCOllection.
PaddedBatchingCollectionInitializerBuilder A batch-fetch capable CollectionInitializer that performs batch-fetching using the padded style.
SubselectCollectionLoader Implements subselect fetching for a collection
SubselectOneToManyLoader Implements subselect fetching for a one to many association

Package org.hibernate.loader.collection Description

This package defines collection initializers

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